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Bible Black - La noche de Walpurgis ep 5

movie | Oct 13 2023
Bible Black - La noche de Walpurgis ep 5
At twelve years ago, an innocent looking junior college's Magic Club held a Satanic ritual. The helpless Kitami was chosen as a sacrifice, but she got her revenge by making a blood contract with the demon that was summoned. In present day, the love-struck Minase finds one of the club's old books. He uses a forbidden spell to control the body of Shiraki, the most popular girl at school. When his magic goes out of contrl, however, none of the students are able to control their sexual instincts! Not only does this attract the girls of the new Magic Club, but also a mysterious school nurse who has been seducing female students. The names for the chapters are as follows: 1-2 La noche de walpurgis, 3-4 Second Sacrament 5-6 Revelations
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