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soukan yuugi 2 vol 1 4

game | Aug 24 2022
soukan yuugi 2 vol 1 4
I'm Makoto. My father is always busy with his business. I don't remember my mother because she died when I was a kid. I now live with my older sister Misaki. One day, my stepmother Natsuki and stepsister sister Yuuna join us all of a sudden! Of course, I'm happy. I masturbate hard every day like never before, but a mishap happens to me. I get involved in a traffic accident and am sent to the hospital where my aunt works as the head nurse.... There also works my childhood friend Sakura as a nurse, my best friend Hina is hospitalized there as well. Oh, I'll become even more intimate with them using the game given to me from a strange salesperson....<br/>*Note: You need to patch the game exe file to play the game. Just extract it and copy it in the game main folder, click on it and the game will be patched. Then click on game exe file. If you don't do this the game asks for a registration code.


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