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game | Jul 31 2023
harami no tane
There is an isolated village deep inside the mountains.... Kaname and Hiyori visit the village to look for their co-worker. They are welcomed by Soujiro, the boss of the village, Hiyori, his wife and their two daughters, Tsubaki and Sakura. Kaname and Hiyori decide to stay at their house for a while. But one night, Tsubaki suddenly says to Kaname, "I would like your semen to give birth to the next miko...." Miko... with white hair and red eyes... worshipped by the villagers.... Also, Sakura and Hisako start approaching Kaname.... As time passes, Kaname gradually knows the secret fact....<br/>How to use NoDVD 1. Extract game and install. 2. Run a game once (you'll get a dvd error) 3. Go to 'My Documents'\SETTEC and check that there exists AlphaLog.txt file 4. Copy AlphaLog.txt file to extracted crack folder and run alsignup_current.exe once. A alsign.sig file will be created. 5. Run alsign_xp.exe or alsign_vista.exe (depending your OS). You'll get a informational window with code. (Tested on XP, some people repots this did not work on win764 bit and other says it worked, a matter of luck maybe? we could not test on win732bit) 6. That should do it. Run the game.<br/>How to use NoDVD (Alternative) 1. Extract crack to 'My Documents'\SETTEC\. 2. If AlphaLog.txt or alsign.sig already exists in that folder - delete it. 3. Run a game once (you'll get a dvd error). A new AlphaLog.txt will be created in 'My Documents'\SETTEC\. 4. Run alsignup_current.exe once. A new alsign.sig file will be created. 5. Run alsign_xp.exe or alsign_vista.exe. You should get a informational window with code. Run both to be sure it worked. 6. That should do it. Run the game.<br/>Explanation and if you have problems 1. Alphalog.txt is always created in 'My Docs\SETTEC' folder. You can't control it therefore it's easier to copy crack right there. 2. alsign_current creates alsign.sig for a specific system based on info from txt. 3. '_xp' and "_vista" exes copy alsign.sig to the 'Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ASign' folder. Run both exes to see which one works with your OS.<br/>Note: Repeat process if you fail to run the game after following the steps, deleting created files (alsign.sig and AlphaLog.txt) some people report it worked after trying a second time after first time failed.<br/>Note2: Remember this unlike most cracks you do not copy it on installation folder but where the log files are (refer to steps). As you can see this is tricky and it is not guaranteed to work 100% and on the first try please remember that before you email us telling us you could not run the game, we have already posted the methods that work and WE KNOW sometimes it wont work on first try so as we said try again please but yet again not guaranteed to run on your OS for sure.


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